Buy apartment with study in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Study and guest room

The Charlottenburg flat as well convinces with a 22 square meter room, which can be used very well as a combined work and guest rooms. Due to the location on the 4th floor, and thus above the existing trees, the room is very pleasantly bright.

This room is also equipped with various connections, such as LAN for Internet reception, cable TV boxes and various sockets for any purpose ideal.


Alternatively you can set up and use this room as a nursery. This is due to the brightness of the room and the attractive cut of the room.

Depending on the size of the family and the age of the children, it is also possible to use the Master Bed Room for the children. There is also the possibility to install a flexible wall in the middle of the room. For this purpose, floor plans are already available, which we gladly provide.