KFW-70 Efficiency House. Buy a modern condominium in Berlin

KFW 70 flat in Berlin

The condominiums ready for occupancy in 2015 are characterized by very low energy costs. The entire building was renovated as “KFW Efficiency House” and received the KFW 70 certificate.

According to the energy calculation, the building actually consumes 28.19 kWh / (m2a) far below the necessary KFW 70 values. The KfW proof can be requested from us at any time.


Advantages one KfW Efficiency House?

If you buy this condominium / flat in Berlin Charlottenburg, which has been refurbished according to the KfW Efficiency House standard, this is worthwhile for you for various reasons:

– such a standard massively increases the resale value of your condominium,
– you and / or your tenants are saving a lot of energy costs,
– it noticeably increases the comfort of the condominium, as it has a pleasant base temperature and less heat,
– the condominium has been subsidized, which may be an advantage in follow-up construction.


There are various standards for the KfW Efficiency House, indicated by a key figure. The smaller the ratio, the lower the energy requirement of your property and the higher the promotion.


The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) defines maximum values that a comparable reference building must comply with. For example, a KfW Efficiency House 100 meets the requirements of the EnEV. A KfW Efficiency House 85 requires 85% of the energy of the reference building, and a KfW Efficiency House 55 even 55%.


Exemplary renovation measures of a KfW 55 apartment:

  • Wood pellet, biomass heating or heat pump
  • Solar system for DHW heating
  • Exterior wall insulation 18 cm
  • Roof insulation 24 cm
  • new windows with triple glazing and special frames
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